Marcato Musician

Artist Management Made Easy

Track gigs, contacts & venues. Sync to Facebook & websites. Manage communications, file storage, and itineraries. Built by a team of musicians & managers.

Why use Marcato Musician?


Facebook Integration

Automatically create and sync detailed Facebook events from your bookings.


Artist Profiles & EPKs

Keep photos, riders, stage plots, etc. in one place. Automatically generate electronic press kits.


Shared Calendar

An interactive bird's eye view of your whole world that you can sync to your mobile device.

Tour Itineraries

Bookings & Itineraries

Track gig data and generate printable tour itineraries with all your travel information.


Tasks & Messages

Assign tasks to your team and track their progress. Keep in touch with built-in messaging.


Contacts & File Storage

Say goodbye to stacks of paper & outdated files. Everything you need is just a click away!

How much does it cost?


Marcato Musician is $10/month per artist

Marcato Musician is $10/month per artist. That means for most bands, Marcato is $10/month. If you are a manager,
and you manage 3 bands in your Marcato Musician account, that'd be $30/month. There is a free trial and no payment
information is required up front. The free trial provides you with full access to Marcato Musician and enables you
to create up to 5 bookings before you need to enter payment information. If you manage more than 10 bands, please
contact us to discuss volume pricing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@marcatodigital.com