About Marcato Musician

Marcato Musician is web-based artist management software that lets you keep track of your entire world in one place. With Marcato Musician you can manage your communications, schedule bookings and other events, stay on top of tasks and deadlines, keep track of contacts and venues, store files in a centralized file manager, automatically push upcoming gigs to social networking sites, and generate printable tour itineraries and press kits.

Who's using Marcato Musician?

Gordie Sampson, Joel Plaskett, Big Sugar, Chris Colepaugh, The Tom Fun Orchestra, Mary Jane Lamond, Kim Stockwood, Jones & Co. Artist Management, Slowcoaster, Carmen Townsend, The Yarnells, Carmel Mikol, MOSS, Groundswell Music, Rawlins Cross, The Stanfields, Popguru Sound & Vision, Kim Wempe, Damhnait Doyle, David Myles, and many more.

Pricing information

Marcato Musician is $10/month per artist. That means for most bands, Marcato is $10/month. If you are a manager, and you manage 3 bands in your Marcato Musician account, that'd be $30/month. There is a free trial and no payment information is required up front. The free trial provides you with full access to Marcato Musician and enables you to create up to 5 bookings before you need to enter payment information. If you manage more than 10 bands, please contact us to discuss volume pricing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@marcatodigital.com


It's been two years and I really can't remember how we managed to do it before Marcato... I think it was just a lot more phone calls and way more double checking than we have to do now. Twice as much effort to do the exact same thing.

Sheri Jones, Artist Manager
Jones & Co. Artist Management


Marcato is amazing. It has made my life on the road so much easier. All of the info that I need for the day is in one spot, whether it be for flights, hotels or the show. I'm really looking forward to seeing it catch on with the entire music community, and I reckon it will.

David Myles


After test driving several of the options for managing our artists/bands at Ocean's Edge School of Worship, I found Marcato to be the only complete option. Marcato meets the needs of our managers and band members alike.


Marcato Musician took the logistical nightmare of touring an 8-piece act and not only made it simple but also provided the tools to make organizing future tours much simpler.

Albert Lionais, Manager
The Tom Fun Orchestra


Marcato Musician is a super-charged, nitrous fed engine of a musician resource website. What used to take hours on other websites now only takes minutes. Using their simple and intuitive web tools, Walking Corpse Syndrome efficiently implements our music strategy - from concert calendars and press kits to file hosting and task assigning. Having the ability to assign due dates to tasks help keep our team on course and on time! Marcato Musician is a must have for any aspiring musician!

Walking Corpse Syndrome