Featured Artist: Kris Gordon

The latest Marcato-powered artist to be featured on our blog is the up-and-coming Texas-based country star, Kris Gordon.

Kris was born to sing country music. It’s found in his West Texas Panhandle origins and his family’s musical legacy. You can hear it in his voice and his way with a song, and witness it in his seasoned ability to get crowds dancing at every dancehall, club, and honky-tonk he plays.

It’s also heard throughout the 10 songs on Gordon’s debut album, Don’t Let Go Tonight. Produced by Dean Miller, son of country legend Roger Miller, it strikes a canny balance between the best of the time-honored Nashville sound and the Texas Country spirit. Gordon sings of joys, sorrows, mysteries and passions on emotive numbers with a romantic tick or rocking kick. With the first single and video, “The Upside of Down”, leading the charge, Gordon delivers an assured and winning collection of rooted contemporary country that’s right on time and on par to tackle the Texas scene and well beyond!

Check out Kris’ video for, “The Upside Of Down”, here:

P.S. Marcato’s resident country music expert, Natasha, highly recommends “Colder Than A Bad Girl’s Heart”, which you can hear on Kris’ Marcato EPK!

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